I am at PJC in the culinary program, if your lucky and get to go off center for your classes then you will be fine but having them on center and I another thing in its self. when I first got there I didn't really talk to any one just so I would see how people where.

there was some drama my first week and a lot of people on my floor got sent home. The center it self is ok the food not great but you can all way go to the store or order in some food. my RAs do have there picks( favouritisim) but its not hard to become one of them. you get woke up at 6am every morning and 10am on weekends.

after school hours we can come and go off campus as we please as long as where are but in time. the biweekly pay is really not going to help you because they take out for taxs. I myself have not had any of my things stolen but girls on my floor have. the first three week you will be bored out your mind and after that you get use to it.

a lot of the students at like children so when you pick your friends pick then right.

Now to any one that is looking to go to job corp all I can say to you is if you going in with the right mind set youll do fine but with you go there thinking its just a game then don't waste your time. oh and you do have to clean every day.

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