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Job Corps started out as a good idea. However in reality the theory was deficient. Taking at risk youth and jamming them together in one location can be risky at best. In my experience visiting Job Corps Centers in various parts of the Country, I am convinced that the USDOL/ETA has approached the problem of disadvantaged youth in a backwards manner. If Job Corps wants better programs than it needs to take the resources being spent on expanding... Read more

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I went into this *** hole back in the 80's before we had the Internet, The person who conned me at the job service, That's how I found out about this, She made it sound like it was a good thing, a positive thing and she made sound so cool, That was a *** dirty lie. My experience was, It was nothing but a reform school, It was one step below being in the military, And one step above from being in prison, After your there 6 months, You get the... Read more

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Please closed this program the staff is not equipped yo handel teenagers, who only option for them and parents is to go to this false hope of helping care giving staff. That most of them are using there power to abuse your child. My child last option was my nightmare.

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I'm still a student employee at Job Corps, but today, I'm waiting forever for transportation to pick me up from the train station. I've been waiting since 3pm. I've called at least three times and they said the same thing, "someone should be there soon."

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I Have A Issue With St Louis Job Corps Okay I "Completed" In 2013 I Recently Tried To Sign Back Up To Job Corps I Went To The Meeting Gave My Admission Cousler All My Paper Work And All So I Get A Call And She Said The Job Corps I Went To Was St Louis Job Corps They Said I Can Not Resign Up For Job Corps At All And I Was Shocked Because I Stayed Out Of Problem I Had No Write Up System Clean And I Was Doing What I Had To Do But I Can't Resign... Read more

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I worked at Brooklyn Job Corps when it was the number 1 Job Corps Center in the nation. The new Director Pitman has taken the Center to # 67th in the rankings, the last time I heard. Pitman is the worst Center Director in the nation. He should be fired.

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While there was some staff that took time out to help students when needed Administration staff overall was lacking to address concerns in safety. Recreation staff was excellent. The building itself was infested with mold ceiling falling down which to instill pictures of and showed Administration and never got any resolution from it. Students were threatened with expulsion for leaking any information that showed the Atlanta Center in bad light... Read more

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My son was accepted to Job Corp last week after a month long visit to Kentucky where he is from.After a month went by after submitting his application i got frustrated and called his admission counselor a woman answered the phone and said he was transferred to a different location and she had just FOUND his application in a file cabinet. So this guy stuffs his paperwork in a cabinet and runs off.At this time he was running out of time so i had... Read more

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I was a student at ECCJC in 1986 and from what I have been reading here simply amazes me after 30 years now nothing has changed about this place! I lasted there for 4 months because the drama going on at the campus. I recall that the RA were the same as they describe them to be today and yes this place reminded me of a prison because it was one way on the campus and one way off! The Greyhound bus station was actually located on the campus so... Read more

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* If you're female, JC is not a good/safe place. The center I lived at (Clearfield, UT) had a ratio of 1 female for every 8 males, and it was considered one of the more "diverse" campuses. Every other Tuesday were the days for new female students to arrive, so it was known as "New Booty Tuesday." Every NBT, the Residential Advisors had to force large groups of boys away from the bus stop where new girls were dropped off because they would wait... Read more

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